The Beskids

If you are wondering where to spend your leisure time to your full satisfaction and enjoyment, then we wholeheartedly recommend the Beskids. This is the region which covers the mountain ranges of the Silesian Beskid, the Żywiecki Beskid and the Little Beskid, as well as the territory of the Cieszyn.

Undoubtedly, the enchanting beauty of the Beskids induces a statement that this is the part of Poland which successfully meets expectations of even the most demanding tourists. Both geographical location and rich tradition underlie uniqueness of its towns and villages. The districts of Bielsko, Cieszyn and Żywiec, the flagship of the region. Make every effort to ensure that tourists will be able to unwind and enjoy themselves to the fullest. Taking into account a wide range of interests, diversification of leisure forms and individual expectations of tourists, all districts cater for every need of visitors to this land. As much attention is given to the comfort of tourists, it is no wonder that everyone leaving the Beskids is fully satisfied.

The Beskids have long ago been discovered as tourist attraction. The ambience prevailing here acts as a magnet for visitors who earnestly yearn to come back to the same places. The Beskids enable to relax and assume a fresh outlook upon reality, which in contemporary times imposes on people particular patterns. The Beskids bewitch; they are a true delight to the eyes and soul. The moments spent here cause that this region becomes embedded not only in your memory but also deep in to your heart.

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