Bielska Wyższa Szkoła im. J. Tyszkiewicza is the oldest non-state university in the Podbeskidzie Region. For nearlny 20 years it has been successfully educating young people who not only equire theoretical but above all receive good practical preparation. The unique atmosphere is owed to the academic community which unites many interesting, wise and friendly people.

Bielska Wyższa Szkoła im. J. Tyszkiewicza is the holder of Polish and West European accreditations:

  • Accreditation of the Polish Ministry of Education
  • Accreditation of Assosiation of Management Education FORUM
  • International Accreditation of the International Education Society

BWS  has also been awarded a European Medal by Committee for European Integration and Business Centre Club.

BWS is an education partner of leading companies:

  • CISCO Academy
  • Novell Academic Training Partner
  • Microsoft IT Academy

The high quality of education is also confirmed by graduates’ career paths which are leading not only to Polish but above all to international companies.

Our strong points:

  • Unique majors and specializations
  • High quality of education
  • Europeansystem of assessment
  • Winning support from the EU for the development of the University