Bielska Wyższa Szkoła im. Józefa Tyszkiewicza (named after Józef Tyszkiewicz), is the oldest non-state-run college in the region of Podbeskidzie; internationally oriented, offering commercially useful education.Within the frame of social surrounding, the College puts into practice the mission which aims at:

  • educating fully-trained staff, which is able to prove the usefulness for the practical professions functioning within the economic practice, social organizations and state institutions at home and abroad,
  • innovativeness with reference to the methods and tools applied for the transfer of knowledge,
  • attention to both quality and attractiveness of education provided,
  • focus on effects – with the active contribution of economic practice expertise.

The College, conscious of constantly new challenges, brought by the civilization progress, opens itself to the social need of education throughout the whole of life (LifeLongLearning). Offering the various forms of supplementing knowledge to the adult persons is considered the equally vital goal of the mission.The foundation of our mission embraces the values, preserved through the multiannual tradition of the College.As the most important we consider:

  • tolerance with respect to world view,- respecting the truth,
  • honesty in working and studying,
  • responsibility and kindness in human relationships.

All the, above mentioned values will be consequently cherished in the relations with both our academic and the social surrounding.