The faculty of Interior Design offers part – time (3,5 years – 7 semesters) studies leading to the Polish title – licencjat. The education within the framework of Interior Design scheme covers the knowledge connected with fine arts, history of art, descriptive geometry, construction and structure.

Students go through laboratories:

Greenery Design Studio

  • You will learn how to choose green for the arrangement of closed and open spaces
  • You will learn how to design and arrange green areas with regard to their function (home gardens, parks, spas)
  • You will get to know materials, constructions and construction technologies allowing you to design and arrange elements of small architecture as well as green utility areas
  • You will learn how important greenery is in order to improve humans’living conditions in the contemporary world

Interior Design Studio

  • You will get to know new trends in architecture
  • You will learn the arrangement of interior and open space according to their role and purpose
  • You will be able to perform drawings, models, interior development models
  • You will learn the freehand perspective and technical drawing
  • You will get to know computer programs supporting design and creating visualization of architectural projects using 3D modeling and animation

Computer Graphics Studio

  • You will learn how to demonstrate your design in the form of presentation charts and multimedia presentations using the latest programing methods
  • You will prepare a professional portfolio
  • You will learn  graphics programs indispensable for designing
  • You will acquire the ability to professionally process photos – ADOBE PHOTOSHOP RASTED PAINTINGS as well as working with the text- vector graphics –ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR
  • You will learn how to operate computer programs indispensable for every interior designer – AutoCAD 3D max
  • You will learn animation graphics-30 max
  • You will get to know how to use OCULUS RIFT-virtual reality in architecture

Visual communication studio

  • You will learn what visual communication is
  • You will get to know how to practically use computer programs which facilitate the designing process and its implementation
  • You will acquire the ability to implement professional documentation and present visual identification systems as well as the skills to design folders and advertising materials
  • You will learn how to make use of the author’s drawings and photos and how to use the color in works in the field of printing and advertising

Alumni may find employment as specialists in all levels of local government offices, companies engaged in design, design stage, performing arts and advertising, organization of exhibitions and fairs.