Cosmetology – these practical studies take  3 years (6 semesters) and students obtain a  BA degree.

Its interdisciplinary program has been created basing on many years of  experience of the team of experts and guarantees its students gaining  reliable basic and specialization skills.

We offer 4 areas of specialization:

  1. Visage and stylization (permanent makeup)
  2. Wellness
  3. Healthy lifestyle coach
  4. Dietetics in cosmetology (food coaching)


This specialization teaches students body care treatments, figure modeling/shaping treatments, relaxation massages, energetic and anti-cellulite massages, All within market demands. Studies program prepares its graduates to work in wellness studios, spa and wellness centers, esthetic surgery clinics as well as beauty studios which offer  mainly body treatments.






This is something for visage and stylization as well as permanent makeup passionate students. Visage  graduates obtain secure and stable job in their profession due to huge demand. They might as well work on advertising compaigns or lookbooks making or run courses in makeup, as well as become self-employed and work with individual clients.






Healthy lifestyle coach is one of the most promising  professions of the future. Its graduates become professional coaches with additional skills in relaxation massages, physiotherapy basics, and also knowledge of healthy eating rules. Its graduates will be well prepared to work in fitness centers,  gyms, health and beauty salons, wellness resorts and spas.






This specialization program guarantees its graduates professional background to work as a cosmetologist using the skills of planning and making menus complying with healthy eating rules, food related diseases prevention and modern culinary techniques. Furthermore, its graduates will master meals making skills while  attending cooking workshops and gain knowledge of products and semi-finished .products used  in healthy and eco cuisine (slow-food).



Alumni are prepared for cosmetology – related career options.

The education within the framework of Cosmetology scheme covers the knowledge connected with medicine and paramedicine related elements as well as body care and enhancement practices. Students are acquainted with the knowledge of aesthetic dermatology and wellness & spa beauty. The school provides co-operation with offices and beauty salons treatments of aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery.